Welcome to SkiNet.com

A smaller frame means a less bug-eyed look; distortion-free spherical lens, $80, $100 with platinum lens.

Welcome to SkiNet.com, the new online home of




magazines and Warren Miller Films. We're psyched to be here: Our goal is to offer fellow skiers the ultimate online destination for the greatest sport on earth.

SkiNet.com will help you get the most out of the mountains. We'll bring you the leading gear and travel guides, expert instruction, and a healthy dose of photos and video—for vicarious thrills if you aren't going skiing soon, and inspiration if you are.

This site will also let you share opinions, advice and stories with other skiers. We can't wait for winter, we're guessing you feel similarly, and we look forward to getting your take on all things skiing—from what you think of your new pair of boards, to your favorite (and least favorite) resorts.

Thanks for checking us out, and please come back soon to see—and help—this site evolve.

Let it snow,

Doug Sabanosh

Director, SkiNet.com