What really is the best goggle lens for flat light?

Ask Dr. Flake

Why this obsession with "the best? Elitists like you dismiss gray and brown lenses out of hand, but would it kill you to try them? Yes, I suppose it might. So look for a rose, orange, or yellow lens. As our mnemonic device for the color spectrum—ROY G. BIV—reminds us, those three hues are on the opposite side from blue, and thus they filter out mushy light and enhance contrast and clarity. According to an Oakley rep, yellow is best in darkest gloom, allowing 88 percent of light transmission, while persimmon offers a sunglass-like 61 percent. Should you find yourself in such dark gloom but surrounded by tangerine trees and marmalade skies, then said Oakley rep recommends a violet lens. Same goes for strawberry fields.