What Were They Thinking: Back to the Drawing Board

Fall Line

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1. Snow Runner


Fatal Flaw: The only boot not meant for use with poles. Or skis.

2. Kastle B-52


Fatal Flaw: The little carving ski that couldn’t.

3. Dachstein Light (1995)
Fatal Flaw: One buckle, zerosupport—but the liner is washable.

4. Nava (1988)
Fatal Flaw: You can ski in a moon boot with a binding running up your leg to your knee? What luck!

5. Raichle RE Viva (1986)
Fatal Flaw: Many rear-entries were as bad; none sold so many.

6. Kastle Carving Thesis (1996)
Fatal Flaw: Very light, very expensive, very frightening on snow.

7. (tie) Nordica Polaris and Dolomite Secret Weapon (mid-’70s)
Fatal Flaw: They promised us that in the future we’d all use jetpacks, have robot maids and ski in knee-high boots. They were wrong.

8. Olin MK I (1990)
Fatal Flaw: The ’90s version of the ’70s hit had vents in the sidewalls—and no evidence of a 20-year learning curve from its designers.

9. Elan Stiletto (1998)
Fatal Flaw: Boasting an anorexic 45-mm waist, the Calista Flockhart of skis arrived just as fat became the standard for high performance.

September 2005