What's the best-ventilated goggle on the market?

Ask Dr. Flake

To prove a point, Flake just strafed an old pair of plastic shop goggs with his semiautomatic. The neighbors here in the halfway house didn't like the shrapnel much, but they all agree that those goggles ventilate somethin' fierce. See? You shouldn't automatically associate vents with superior, non-fogging eyewear. If moisture and cloudy vision bother you, pony up for polycarbonate double lenses, which fog less because the dead air between the lenses acts as a thermal barrier. You should also quit resting your goggles on your sweaty forehead. And realize that the collar of your jacket channels hot exhaust into your face. That said, the Oakley Wisdom-at $210, probably the most expensive goggle on the market-gets good reviews on consumer websites and from this magazine's testers; skiers (including Flake) who've worn the Wisdom believe Oakley's claim that it channels airflow away from your sensitive corneas. The best ventilator, though, must be the Smith Prodigy Turbo Fan, which uses a patented, battery-powered fan-little blades and all- to expel moist air. It's the only goggle you can rightly call a power tool.

November 2005