Wheels in Motion to Bring Back Ski License Plate

Wheels in Motion to Bring Back Ski License Plate
Ski License plate resurrected

DENVER, Colo. – March 6, 2008

– In response to continued interest from Colorado residents, Colorado Ski Country USA (CSCUSA) is organizing an initiative to offer drivers a ski themed license plate for vehicles registered in Colorado.

Colorado had a ski plate in 1958 but has not had one in 49 years. "We're working with the state and hope that Coloradans will again have the option to have a ski themed license plate," explains Rob Perlman, president and CEO of Colorado Ski Country USA. "It makes sense for Colorado to have a ski plate because skiing and snowboarding are an integral part of Colorado's culture, heritage and economy; and because Colorado offers the best skiing and riding in the world."

In asking the state for a ski license plate, CSCUSA must submit an application that includes a list of 3000 names of individuals interested in a ski plate, to the Colorado Department of Revenue (DOR.) The signatures on the list must be people with a valid Colorado address.   

People interested in supporting the ski license plate can add their name to the list of interested parties by visiting


and including their full name, complete address, county and number of sets of license plates they would potentially be interested in purchasing.

The final look of the plate is yet to be determined. CSCUSA will submit the prototype shown at the right for the design, however, it may not be the final design as the DOR retains discretion on the ultimate look of the plate.                ¿

Adding a signature to the list means the individual is showing an interest in a ski license plate, it does not mean a commitment is being made to purchase a plate. When the plate is made available, the cost is a one-time extra charge in addition to the normal vehicle registration fee. Currently the extra charge for special plates is $50.00. The ski plate could be available as early as 2009.

For more information about the CSCUSA sponsored ski license plate, or to be added to the list of interested parties, please visit



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