When Men Behave Like Sperm

Cold Front
Why Men Behave Like Sperm 0304

It's a melee at mach 3—all these sweaty, frothing men come at you and then scramble at your feet like they're gonna rip you apart, says Ally Bryden, breathlessly. "It's Aspen's version of the Running of the Bulls.

Bryden, a bartender, is recalling her one-off career as the finish-line girl at Aspen's Wild Dash for Cash, an annual 40-man derby that involves, in the following order: a mogul run with several deadly berms; a foot race in ski boots; low-grade violence; and (why not?) women in bikinis atop a block of snow with prize money in hand—$5,000 in prize money, to be exact. The object, of course, is to get to the girl, and, hence, the greenbacks, by any means necessary.

"A few years ago I had Chris Davenport by the leg and he turned and looked at me like, 'Who is this guy?' says Vince Lahey, a two-time Wild Dash winner. "Then he kicked me like a horse would kick a dog. Lahey insists that money—not women—is the great motivator. Nonetheless, "One year, he recalls, "my team and I blew the first grand out on the town with these hot models. That was a really great night.