Where's the biggest skiable descent left?

Ask Dr. Flake

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Ski mountaineers drool most slovenly over Mount McKinley’s Wickersham Wall, the longest face in the world. The 14,000 feet of serac-riddled vert was first skied in 1994—but backwards, carved in little sections while climbing up before walking off the top. Then came a notable solo in 1998 by Adrian “the Romanian Nature. He started down Wickersham, got freaked out, skirted off to the side, and eventually traversed his way back to the middle before finishing the route. Nature refused to discuss the details of his epic, claiming—no joke—”She is my woman. Do you talk about sleeping with your wife? All of which is to say that the line right down the center has yet to be skied purely. “Those other attempts muddy it, says elite ski mountaineer Andrew McLean, “but it is undoubtedly the biggest vertical plum.v