Whiteface Mountain Plays "Name That…Chairlift"

Summer Resorts: Whiteface n 0501

Wilmington, N.Y. August 6, 2002 (Whiteface Press Release)--Even though the ski season at Whiteface Mountain is still a few months away, the Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA) is now preparing for the upcoming season.

Work crews are currently removing the double and triple chairs that serviced the mountain for many years to make way for a new high-speed detachable quad lift set to open in late November. It is that new lift, which will bring boarders and skiers to the base of the summit lift in just six minutes, that is the subject of a contest being run by the Whiteface Mountain marketing department.

Participants are encouraged to log on to www.whiteface.com and register their suggestion for the name of the new lift. A panel of high-speed judges will determine the top four selections on August 26. Beginning the following day, browsers can select among the four choices. The selection that receives the most votes will become the name of the new lift.

If your choice makes it to the Whiteface final four, you will receive some very excellent mountain swag (stuff we all get). So log on, click in and play.

For more information on ORDA venues and events, and for live shots from four locations, please log on to www.orda.org.