Why do ski-town bars serve "special microbrews?

Ask Dr. Flake

Dr. Flake has a theory on this, and it goes like so: Microbreweries came into existence because watching beer get made had a certain "Wow, lookee there state-fair appeal. After a while, though, the novelty of imbibing around giant copper vats wore off, and the true bargoers wandered off to dark, cozy, atmospheric saloons that sold beer and were content to leave the heavy industrial equipment in Milwaukee or Munich, where it belongs. Ski-town microbreweries, in turn, became desperate for customers. They reached out to fans of "special raspberry-mango-infused India pale ale heffeweizens, and the fans actually came, because no one had ever invited these nerds to a real bar in the first place. Thus, the microbreweries stayed in business, offering damn tasty beers—as well as cherry-banana stouts.