Why do skiers shout "whoo-hoo when shredding a powder field? - Ski Mag

Why do skiers shout "whoo-hoo when shredding a powder field?

Ask Dr. Flake

Skiers, linguists, and political-correctness consultants have given much thought to this issue. They decided, after years of data gathering, that "yee-haw! sounded too offensive, with its superior-species-herding-inferior-bovines overtones. They found "yo-da-lay-hee-hoo—or any other exclamations derived from the common yodel—a bit too Eurotwerpy, and hence unsuitable for use among red-blooded Yanks. Thus it was settled: "Whoo-hoo! Academics, in particular, cite the phrase's ease for people of all tongues, with the exception of Germans, who usually botch it and shout "Voo-hoo, which sometimes comes out like "Boo-hoo. But the expression isn't exclusive to skiing. For proof, Dr. Flake notes that Homer Simpson frequently uses "whoo-hoo as an antonym to his more famous "D'oh! Similarly, Flake refers to the previous decade, when Tag Team's "Whoomp! There it is and DJ Pooh's "Whoop Whoop! battled it out for sorority-girl hip-hop supremacy—two moments in music history that call for anything but a "whoo-hoo!