But let’s be serious for a moment. Skiing makes women’s behinds look great. That’s the whole thing with skiing. Four thousand years ago, Neolithic Scandinavians were hitting the slopes on mammoth ribs. They could have been snug in their caves eating the mammoth. But this would not give them the chance to watch Olga wedeln in mammoth-skin stretch ski pants. Skiing is not such a wonderful sport for bosom enthusiasts. Layers of fleece and down can conceal modest gifts. But, for those who appreciate the twin talents of J. Lo, every slalom is a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. This is why the snowboarding thing won’t last. Snowboarding pants are designed by Glad Bag. And a young lady in snowboarding stance seems about to perform an unattractive biological function. The same young lady, paralleling in a Bogner one-piece, looks like heaven going downhill to a hell of a party.