Wide and Wonderful: Frontside Porkers


(85-94 mm waists)

They prefer to think of themselves not as fat, but merely full-figured. Rubenesque. Use them to plunder the frontside run after run on those frantic powder mornings. Your skinny-skied rivals will wallow in your tracks. The group includes a new fatty from Rossignol (the B3), a women-specific offering from K2 (T:Nine Phat Luv), a pricey handmade creation from Dynastar (Super Nobis) and one of the originals (Volant Chubb). Go with a short length for ripping tight Eastern trees. (And remember: The flotation makes mellow woods that aren't steep enough for skinny skis a whole lot of high-speed fun, even days after the dump.) In the West, go long.

A Blizzard Titan 9.2126-92-112$795

B Dynastar Super Nobis117-90-109$1,100

C Dynastar Inspired117-89-110$775

D Elan Mantis 777117-87-107$750

E Fischer Big Stix 8.6120-86-107$750

F Head i.M 85122-85-110$750

G K2 Axis AK118-90-108$675

H K2 T:Nine Phat Luv122-90-112$675

I Kneissl Flexon Tanker 125-93-116$699

JRossignol Bandit B3122-94-112$839

KSalomon AK Rocket Pilot118-86-110$1,245*

LStöckli Stormrider DP120-91-109$779

M Volant Genesis V2 Chubb128-94-116$799

N Volant Machete FB128-94-116$799

* Includes binding


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