Wired Workouts


MP3s, porn, bomb-making...Now you can add body-fat calculators to the list of stuff you can find on the Internet. And with a slew of new fitness websites out there, you'll be able to get fit without moving an inch. (Well, eventually you will have to get up from your computer.) For skiers, this means you can plan a preseason training schedule or find nutrition tips that will keep you from splitting your stretch pants. The sites listed below cover everything from triathlons to yoga, but each has something to offer skiers.

Website: Asimba;www.asimba.com
Description: This site is like a new, fully-equipped Hummer: It's big, it looks impressive, and it can handle anything-a necessary stop for the serious athlete.
Cool Features: Lots of informative articles; training logs; nutrition info; optional e-mail newsletter; ask an expert; event locator; fitness calculators.
Neato Find: Pizza as jock food? The "Sports Nutrition" section tells you how: Order thick crust, scrape off some cheese, and a slice becomes a smart, carb-packed meal.

Website: eFIT; www.efit.com
Description: More like a Volvo station wagon: It's the safe, reliable alternative-a little less hardcore than Asimba.
Cool Features: Healthy-restaurant locator; gym locator; free diet-program creator; video clips; and a link to a free 2-week membership at Bally's gym.
Neato Find: The "Snow Sports" section recommends grass skiing as a way to stay in shape in the off-season. It does not, however, involve smoking.

Website: GetFit.com; www.getfit.com
Description: A Honda: Looks plain and simple on the outside, but there's a lot of great stuff underneath.
Cool Features: Tips from celebrity athletes like 49ers superstar Roger Craig and 2-time WNBA MVP Cynthia Cooper on how they got to be so damn good.
Neato Find: Yoga and baseball? Steve Odgers, director of strength and conditioning for the Chicago White Sox, shares the team's yoga workouts.

Website: Richard Simmons' Weight Loss Support; www.richardsimmons.com
Description: The official Richard Simmons site: Like a brand-spanking new pair of pink roller skates: a lot of show but not a lot of go.
Cool Features: Okay, there's not much for skiers, but there are wacky motivational tips such as imagining Ben Affleck in a hot tub.
Neato Find: Richard says, "Sweatin' is my body's way of crying off the extra pounds."