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Women GS Race Canceled


Jackson Hole, WY, Mar. 28--Unsafe course conditions, caused by poor snow in the middle section of the run, forced officialsTuesday to scrub the second run of the women's giant slalom at the Chevy Truck U.S. Alpine Championships at Jackson HoleMountain Resort.

Organizers said a decision would be made later in the day on whether to cancel entirely, recognize a one-run champion - Caroline Lalive (Steamboat Springs, CO) led the lone run - or stage a second run Wednesday before the scheduled SL at Snow King Resort.

"It was just unsafe. This was a good decision," U.S. women's GS/SL Head Coach Georg Capaul said.

"It started with one gate that needed to be re-set and it spread. They couldn't race," he said.

Lalive led the first run by a half-second with a time of 1:11.58. Second was Sarah Schleper (Vail, CO) in 1:12.08 with TatumSkoglund (Bellevue, WA) in third at 1:12.21.