Working out gets way better with loud music, sequined string bikinis, and maybe a couple of mind erasers.

Laugh if you must, o flabby one, at all the hopeless Twinkie eaters out there forking over $19.95 plus shipping and handling for Richard Simmons' Dance Your Pants Off!, but dancing will get you fit -- quick. Ever notice how your thighs quiver for three days after one night spent doing the 5 a.m. techno thing on Red Bull and vodkas? Yeah. It works. They've known that up in Whistler for years.

"It was a little bit of an experiment at first," recalls Ace MacKay-Smith, high priestess of Whistler's infamous go-go dancing scene, now going into roughly its 10th year. "One of the girls painted herself like a zebra, and it just caught on."

While Ace, 34, and her crew of go-go girls, all of whom ski or snowboard, make good money gyrating their pelvises in cages at Whistler parties and nightclubs (they're at Tommy Africa's four nights a week), they also get in tremendous shape. "It's harder than golf," says Ace.

To go-go your way to a firm gluteus and tireless thighs, throw on a CD full of funky breakbeats; grab a feather boa, some gold paint, and a glass of water (or some other performance-enhancing cocktail); and listen up as Ace breaks it down.

For the go-go moves -- plus helpful photos -- check out WORKOUTS-A-GO-GO in the related links above.


"You'll need a goofy sense of humor and one very funky DJ," says Ace. "The music should be loud, and all these moves should be done to the beat -- very important! Precise and aggressive movements increase toning potential."