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You're So Bad!


The shocking results of our first-ever online sex survey.

Sure, it was a shameless sales ploy, but our sex survey was also a source of immense amusement -- for us. Here are some highlights.

Over 1,000 of you responded; 88.9 percent were male (shocker!) and 49.5 percent were under the age of 30. (Only eight tenths of a percent -- the Viagra patrol -- were over 60.) Thirty-three-and-a-half percent were married, with another 32.6 percent tied up in relationships of varying degrees of seriousness and legality (a solid percentile reported itself as "polygamist"). That left a sorry 33.9 percent not getting any at all (it's okay -- that percentage is somewhat higher among the magazine's editorial staff). More revealing, the survey let you type in details about your situation: Comments ranged from "pathetically trying to get a little action" to "serious, but with, um, room to maneuver."

The commentary really got rolling when you gave reasons for picking your favorite resort for "looking for love" (Aspen, Whistler, and Vail topped the list): "big mountains and even bigger, you know...mountains"; "Aspen is to hooking up as Texas is to executions"; "the tight-looking butts on the ski instructors"; "lots of desperate punters who can't ski but can drink"; "it's close to Reno and a brothel not far away"; and "the women can afford the best breasts money can buy."

Those little flourishes aside, you generally exhibited good sexual sense: For instance, only 1.6 percent said you considered "exploring the home-fashions department at Wal-Mart" a romantic activity.

But thiswas shocking: On a scale of one to five, with five indicating a factor of highest importance, "quality of terrain and snow" had a mean score of 4.65, blowing away every other ski-trip consideration that could be construed as sexual, including "romantic possibilities," "quality time with loved ones," and "hooking up with a stranger." And more than a quarter of you -- 26.3 percent -- said you have sex less often on ski trips than you do at home.

Could it be? Is that age-old concept -- skiing's better than sex -- alive and well in the 21st century?

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