The Snow Report Episode for Opinionated Weirdos

One thing all skiers can agree on: We love skiing. But everything else is up for debate.

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In this week’s episode of the Snow Report, Halley O’Brien appeals to a skier’s base instinct: Offering up strong, knee-jerk opinions on all issues under the sun, whether they relate to skiing or not. Are skiers of the East more hardcore than skiers of the West? Is pocket bacon all it’s cracked up to be? What came first: skiing or the bra-tree? Dive into this week’s episode to find out where skiers stand on these hot button issues and get your weekly dose of witty winter banter.

Tune in weekly for the latest episode of The Snow Report to get the scoop on the snow forecast and what’s trending in the ski universe.

About Halley O’Brien

Emmy Award-winner Halley O’Brien is the ski industry’s favorite storyteller and content creator, known for her smart humor and contagious excitement when it comes to all things winter. You’ll usually find her on a mountain, in front or behind a camera, or on a plane en route to somewhere snowy, probably whilst enjoying a craft libation. Get to know Halley better at: