The 7 Stages of Blank

The Blank Collective's annual film features some of Canada's best freeskiers (and American Josh Daiek) doing what they do best.
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For the past few years, the Blank Collective has released some drool-worthy, feature-length ski movies free to the public. Last year's "Before Blank" set a high watermark for solid freeskiing action by Stan Rey, Alexi Godbout, Josh Daiek, and company, but this year's "The 7 Stages of Blank" has topped even that.

Whether it's the return of The Godfather Mike Douglas, who's still doing backflips at 50-years-young, or the catlike pillow skiing antics of young gun Sam Kuch, the segment of the two skiing along with Rey and Godbout at Journeyman Lodge in British Columbia steals the show. You'll probably hit rewind to watch it at least twice (don't worry, we did).

The other segments—including some of the deepest snow of the season last year at Mt. Baker and in the Tahoe backcountry, Daiek's massive road gap, and white-knuckle freeride action in Bralorne, B.C.—feature such great skiing and cinematography it's amazing the Blank Collective puts this stuff out on the internet for free. Watch it now before the folks at Salomon TV change their minds.

 The 7 Stages of Blank: Full Movie

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This season, Blank Collective Films were on a search for an explanation to their insanity. Anticipation. Inspiration. Creativity. Perseverance. Experience. Exploration. And Satisfaction. These 7 Stages are designed to postulate a progression of the emotional stages during a ski season. Simply, the Blank Collective takes you on a journey through the 7 Stages of Blank, a lighthearted look into the bond that develops around the sport of skiing.

Watch more: We are blank.


Stan Rey, Alexi Godbout, Josh Daiek, Mike Douglas, Andrea Byrne, Nico Vugnier, Vinnie Gagnier, Jordy Kidner, and more.

Watch The 7 Stages of Blank again and more skiing action on Salomon TV's website.


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