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In a time where ski films are constantly pushing the envelope to be the most extreme, one of the best skiers in the world Ted Ligety is scaling it back searching for the perfect turn.

Ted Ligety and Antti Autti in Art of Arc

Ligety and Autti scoping out the next line. 

”We really wanted to showcase how much fun it is to rip arcs inbounds,” says Ligety. Who better to highlight the art of carving than one of the best American ski racers in history. When Ted Ligety started SHRED., he had two Olympic medals and 52 World Cup podiums under his belt. Noticing the lack of companies catered to both skiers and boarders alike, Ligety wanted SHRED. to unite and embrace all aspects of the two sports. This film highlights the connection between them, the turn. 

Ligety is joined by Antti Autti, a two-time X Games Medalist and World Cup champion who has recently been focusing his efforts on filming. According to Ligety, “We always wanted Antti Autti for this project because his skills were beyond just freeride and big mountain being that he's a halfpipe guy and has spent a lot of time working on the technical side of snowboarding. To see his level of riding up close and personal was really inspiring for me.”

Watch: Art of Arc  

In the most recent edit from SHRED., Ligety takes some solo turns down fresh corduroy in Snowbird, Utah.

Extra: Ted Ligety's Bonus Turns from Art of Arc

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