The Only Park Skiing of 2021 That You Need to Watch

Give yourself a few extra minutes after watching this video to process just how amazing the Audi Nines event was for 2021.

SKI Magazine isn’t known for its park skiing coverage, but there is one event that happens every spring that catches our attention: The Audi Nines. There have been a number of variations to the name and format over the years , but the ingredients are usually pretty similar: Invite some of the most progressive slopestyle skiers and riders in the world to a European venue, and set them loose on aesthetically pleasing (and also massive) jumps and rails.

For 2021, the event took place in Crans Montana, Switzerland, and the features were built so they could be hit from either side. With skiers like Henrik Harlaut, Jesper Tjäder, Candide Thovex, Alex Hall, Sarah Hoefflin, Collin Ballet-Baz, James Woods, Nico Porteous, David Wise, Maggie Voisin,  and many more present, there was an insane amount of spinning, flipping, and absolute sending.

To highlight it all, Audi Nines put together a Magnum Opus reel from the event. Don’t miss the huge train at the end, and, if you hate watching snowboarders and/or love skiing to heavy metal, check out the Ski Mixtape from the event as well.

Watch: Audi Nines ’21 – Magnum Opus

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