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Baker Boyd, in partnership with Morgan Pihl and Polartec, has released a video that chronicles his ski trip to Austria and Switzerland last winter. The video is dedicated to his friend and fellow skier Sam Coffey. Coffey, well-known and beloved in the ski community, died unexpectedly of a series of strokes while on a vacation this past May. Boyd and Coffey were both a part of the Aspen-based ski gang “The Freaks.” The two skiers met in Aspen when they were just 10-years-old and had been skiing together up until Coffey’s passing.

Baker Boyd cliff in Europe

Boyd going big in Europe.

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“SERVUS” follows Boyd as he travels through Austria and Switzerland skiing through a variety of different areas and terrain. Boyd skis quickly through thick trees, open spaces and steep lines in the short video. The video is accompanied by soft music as Boyd skis down these stunning mountains while honoring the loving memory of his friend. 

WATCH: Baker Boyd in "SERVUS"

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Baker Boyd faceshot by Zack Maraziti


The latest from Baker Boyd and Polartec almost feels as good as actually skiing in Japan.

Baker Boyd in Austria with WME

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