Salomon TV: Before Blank

A look back at the Blank Collective's beginnings, as well as their hard-charging 2017/2018 season.
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The Blank Collective has been making some pretty rowdy ski movies over the past few years, and their latest half-hour film, Before Blank, is no different. This year, the crew briefly explores each of the athlete's beginnings on skis, ranging from high-level junior gate bashing to urban handrails and extremely baggy snowpants.

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Before Blank has a skateboard-video feel, plenty of heavy music, and harkens back to the days of non-stop ski action with just enough vintage footage sprinkled in to keep viewers entertained. Starring Alexi Godbout, Stan Rey, Josh Daiek, Jordy Kidner, KC Deane, and a few friends, you're going to want to put on headphones and rock out to this one in the office, and again the night before a day of hard charging at your local ski hill.

Stand out part? We have to say Stan Rey's double backflip on a mini-golf line will make you hit rewind.


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