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10 Best Podcasts for Skiers

Need something to get you pumped while you wait for the weather to cool? These ski podcasts raise the stoke.

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Ten years ago, the word “podcast” didn’t mean much to skiers. Back then, if you wanted to tune out and fixate on skiing, it was ski flicks or riffing with a ski buddy. New media formats have a funny way of reaching ubiquity in a short time frame, though. Today, if you Google “ski podcasts,” you’ll find yourself inundated with choices.

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The explosion in podcast availability is great for us skiers, but it’s hard to know where to start. We’ve sifted through current ski podcast offering to bring you variety and quality. Freeski nerds, Freeride World Tour fans, and those seeking a deep dive into the outdoor industry will all find something to chew on here. These are the podcasts helping us manage our pre-season excitement—maybe they’ll help you, too.

The Mayrand Podcast

  • Who’s it for? Those interested in freeskiing and park skiing, and personalities that dominate those disciplines
  • Listen on: YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts

Freeskiing is a dynamic force. Initially inspired by snowboarders, this scene completely altered how we approach the mountains. Twin tips, baggy pants, and rockered skis are a few things we can thank the freeski zeitgeist for.

Every cultural evolution has its prominent figures. The Mayrand Podcast, led by skier-filmmaker Xavier Mayrand, aims to tell their stories. Each episode involves a guest who contributed significantly to the sport, covering filmmakers, skiers, and brand visionaries. Mayrand’s logged conversations with some of the biggest names in freeskiing, including Kaya Turski, Tom Wallisch, and Alex Hall. These interviews are in good hands with Mayrand, a self-described “super duper mega freeski nerd.”

Low Pressure Podcast

  • Who’s it for? Those seeking a deep catalog of podcast episodes; the LPP reaches further into skiing’s past than any other podcast on this list.
  • Listen on: YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Castbox Google Podcasts, and more

About ten years ago, Whistler local Mark Warner was searching for a ski podcast to listen to while cooking dinner. To his dismay, he found no options but thought little of it. Later that evening, Warner says, “the light bulb went off” the Low Pressure Podcast was born. Warner initially pitched the idea to friend and pro-skier Ian McIntosh, who ended up being the first guest on the show in 2013.

The LLP’s robust catalog of 214 episodes teeters into historical ski artifact territory (2013 was almost 10 years ago, after all). Diving into these audio archives can turn up gems, like a conversation with Nimbus, pro-skier Eric Pollard’s film crew of winter’s past.

LLP is no dinosaur despite its storied history, as Warner keeps his finger firmly on freeskiing’s pulse. Recent episodes run the gamut from interviews with Freeride World Tour athletes to big-mountain icons in the making. In Warner’s words, the goal of the LLP is to “have important conversations and highlight the stories from the people who dedicate their lives to skiing.”

The Powell Movement

  • Who’s it for: Anyone looking for character-driven episodes that get to heart of why we do what we do—whatever it is that we do, from skiing to base jumping.
  • Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify

It’s not just a ski-focused podcast, but The Powell Movement covers industry issues, trends, and personalities across a slew of action sports including freeride mountain biking, skateboarding, and even inline skating. Host Mike Powell is a longtime ski industry veteran with 18 years at K2 Skis under his belt. He brings incredible insight and great humor to his interviews.

Speaking of interviews, he’s got a massive archive (almost 300 episodes) of podcasts to choose from, so anyone with a pulse should be able to find a topic or person who intrigues them. From SIA president Nick Sargent to big-mountain guide Christina Lustenberger to some of the most out-there characters in balls-t0-the-walls pursuits like base jumping, The Powell Movement is it’s own deep-pocketed podcast library. The Inappropriate Questions series alone is worth checking this one out.

Out of Bounds Podcast

  • Who’s it for? Those interested in the outdoor industry as a whole.
  • Listen on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Google Podcasts

The Out of Bounds Podcast covers a lot of snowy (and muddy) ground. The show maintains a broad scope, interviewing skiers, bikers, snowboarders, and outdoor leaders thanks to longtime industry-guy and host Adam Jaber. “Our goal is to have meaningful conversations with the people that make this industry tick,” says Jaber. Notable Out of Bounds episodes include a joint interview with TGR dynasty members Todd and Kai Jones and a discussion with Mario Molina, the executive director of climate activism non-profit Protect Our Winters.

Jaber worked in his family’s ski shop before getting into the podcast business. According to him, starting the Out of Bounds show “was a step outside of what my norm was,” as he knew more about ski specs than interviews.

That initial lack of familiarity with the podcast space hasn’t slowed Jaber down, though. Since Out of Bounds’ inception in 2018, the show has expanded into an outdoor content brand—the Out of Collective. Big Stick Energy (see next entry) operates under the Collective’s banner, as do two other podcasts, The Pursuit and Coffee & Van Chats. The Collective plans to release another show this October with Red Bull athlete and pro skier Michelle Parker.

Big Stick Energy

  • Who’s it for? Those who are tired of the “bro-zone” and want to enjoy their ski content with more diversity and a side of critical commentary.
  • Listen on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Google Podcasts

If you’re searching for a little variety in subject matter and more nuanced perspective, tune in to Big Stick Energy. The podcast, hosted by longtime skiers Toni Anderson and Renee McCurdy, strives to “amplify the voices of those who might previously have been overlooked.”

While you might not recognize Anderson and McCurdy’s names, you may have stumbled across their meme page, Womb Cork, known for “sassy but classy” lampoons of skiing’s historically bro-centric culture. The page is connected to Womb Tang, the pair’s advocacy organization for female-identifying skiers. 

Founding the BSE podcast was the logical next step for the pair behind Womb Tang. “We wanted to create an unapologetic platform that allows people to feel like they belong somewhere,” says Anderson.

Anderson and McCurdy make a point of addressing tricky subjects on Big Stick Energy, like diversity (or the lack thereof) in the ski industry or disordered eating amongst outdoor athletes. However, the duo is just as stoked to talk purely about skiing with their guests. “That stuff is super important,” says Anderson, referencing the difficult-but-necessary conversations that emerge on their show, “but the main reason we’re in the industry is because we’re adrenaline junkies, we love talking gear, and we love powder days.”

Two Planker Podcast

  • Who’s it for? Those interested in all things freeskiing, no matter how minute.
  • Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, Podbay, and more

Ethan Shafer of the Two Planker Podcast first got on a pair of skis when he was four. By high school, he was making ski videos of his friends using a camera he bought with his Bar Mitzvah money. In college, he took a break from skiing, only to find himself drawn back into the sport after a post-graduation viewing of Level 1’s box set. 

Shafer’s first interview for the Two Planker Podcast was with Andy Parry, a near-mythical figure known for leading the long-running ski mini-series, the Traveling Circus. “I don’t particularly care about how big it gets [the podcast],” says Shafer, who now works in television, “the biggest thing is it’s just a creative outlet for me.” This casual approach doesn’t prevent Shafer from maintaining a high output. Since December 2020, he’s released 53 episodes for the Two Planker Podcast. 

The show’s main draw is Shafer’s attentiveness to going-ons in the freeskiing world, no matter how small. To him, “it’s a podcast that showcases all aspects of the freestyle skiing community.” This intentionality leads to interviews with subjects that are less visible elsewhere in mainstream ski media, like Depau Moran, owner of a handmade outerwear brand called Lizard Stuff, or rail-skiing phenom Cal Carson.

Freeride World Tour Podcast

  • Who’s it for? FWT super-fans
  • Listen on: Google Podcast, Apple Podcasts, Spotify
FWT Bec des Rosses
The Bec des Rosses in Verbier hosts the grand finale of the Freeride World Tour. The season may be short, but tour enthusiasts can get their fill with the Freeride World Tour podcast. Photo: Getty Images

The Freeride World Tour is a mainstay in the skiing world, providing exciting live big-mountain action multiple times a year. There’s one problem, though—the tour only has five stops during the winter. In comparison, the NBA hosts 1,230 games a season. If you enjoy watching basketball, you can get your fix multiple times a week. FWT fans aren’t so lucky.

Last season, Mark Warner of the Low-Pressure Podcast teamed up with the Freeride World Tour to fill this content gap by establishing the Freeride World Tour Podcast. Warner is adept at leading interesting and informative ski conversations due to his experience hosting the Low Pressure Podcast. With the FWT podcast, he interviews athletes and announcers to get the inside scoop on the Tour’s action, structure, and evolution. 

The podcast is “an opportunity to dive deep into the Freeride World Tour,” says Werner; expect additional stories, insight, and commentary you don’t get from watching the Tour’s standard broadcasts when you tune in.

Storm Skiing Podcast

  • Who’s it for? Resort skiers, industry wonks, and anyone who wants to keep a pulse on trends throughout the sport.
  • Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Listen Notes, Anchor, more

Stuart Winchester’s Storm Skiing podcast follows the general trajectory of his website, covering all things resort skiing, where the typical recreational skier spends pretty much all of their time when partaking in the sport. This makes the Storm Skiing podcast, which boasts 96 episodes to date, a little on the insider-baseball spectrum of things as opposed to being super entertaining. But it is incredibly informative and insightful, especially if you’re interested in industry trends such as ski mega-passes, resort consolidation, expansion, and development, and the myriad mom-and-pop ski areas that keep skiing accessible to beginners and families.

What’s more, Winchester’s episode notes, including why he chose to cover the topic or interview the individual, why it’s relevant, and what they talked about, is a nice addendum.

The Uptrack 

  • Who’s it for? Those seeking a rundown of one of the most controversial subjects in skiing—the proposed Little Cottonwood Canyon gondola.
  • Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pocket Casts, Radio Public
Uptrack podcast
Get up to speed and figure out where you stand on the Little Cottonwood Canyon gondola debate with this seven-part podcast. (Photo: Courtesy of Wasatch Backcountry Alliance)

The Uptrack is an outlier on this list, as it doesn’t revolve around athletes, brands, or filmmakers. Instead, it addresses a subject near and dear to the hearts of many Salt Lake City skiers—Little Cottonwood Canyon. The canyon has become a hotbed of controversy, which intensified when UDOT announced its plans to install a gondola in the canyon.

The Uptrack, hosted by Wasatch Backcountry Alliance (WBA), cuts through this din. Each episode highlights a potential solution to SLC’s ski traffic crisis by discussing its pros and cons. If you’re looking for more information about this issue, The Uptrack is a great place to start. Guest features include WBA board members, UDOT employees, and the director of administration for the Central Wasatch Commission.

The Outside Podcast

  • Who’s It For? Skiers who are true outdoor enthusiasts at heart and love stories that span all the pursuits across all parts of the globe.
  • Listen on: Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify
Is it the end of the ski bum as we know it? The Outside Podcast takes a deep dive. Photo: Getty Images

Okay, a bit of a shameless plug, but we wouldn’t include it on this list if it wasn’t really worth a listen. The Outside Podcast, produced by SKI’s parent company, Outside Inc., isn’t exclusively about skiing, but there are a good amount of ski-focused episodes. The rest of the podcast’s installments cover pretty much everything under the sun, from Forrest Fenn’s Rocky Mountain hidden treasure to how actor Viggo Mortensen prepared for his Thailand cave-diving role in Thirteen Lives

Look for new ski-focused topics as we inch toward the coming season, many hosted by eccentric personality and former Skiing Magazine editor Paddy O’Connell. (In the meantime, check out Who Killed the Ski Bum?—a peek into the issues threatening to bring the ski-bum lifestyle to an end.) The Outside Podcast is a fine mix of entertaining, inspirational, thoughtful, and informative.