Burning Sidewall

The last short video from LINE Skis highlights the fun, carvable new Sakana.
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Eric Pollard's latest creation with LINE Skis is unique to say the least. With a bulbous tip, a 105mm waist, a tight 15 meter turn radius, and a swallow tail, the Sakana has the chops to handle pow, groomed, and everything in between. At the same time, the ski's unique artwork, hand-drawn by Pollard, combined with the non-traditional shape make this ski quite the sight to see.

To demonstrate the Sakana's carving skills and its overall playful demeanor, LINE Teamed up with Nimbus Independent and pro skiers Rob Heule, James Griffon, and Pollard for a fun few days at Timberline Lodge, Oregon in this short film, "Burning Sidewall." One thing is certain: This ski, these skiers and a sunny day at Mt. Hood sure does look fun.


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