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The dogs from our Powder Hounds feature made their own movie.
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Kicker and Gru, the stars of our December, 2017 feature Powder Hounds, are the stars of this great video produced by their owners Rob Aseltine and Andrew Muse. Together with photographer Keri Bascetta and writer Erme Cantino, the crew spent time exploring the mountains around the Wintertux Chalet, located in Idaho's Sawtooth National Forest, doing all they could to keep the dogs entertained.

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According to Gru's owner Rob, "we've cut and recut this, and added a unique voice-over to ensure you will love this love-able film about two dogs who find backcountry bliss through skiing and snowboarding with their companions." Who can say no to pups and powder? When the dogs are this cute, we certainly can't.

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Gru and Aseltine revel in great powder conditions during their Wintertux adventure.

Powder Hounds

Deep in Idaho's Sawtooth National Forest, life is simple: Skin up. Ski Down. Roll around in the snow. Just remember to bring extra pairs of wool socks.

Ushuaia Tom Day

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