Freestyle Skiers

"Ski the World" Redefines Where Skiing is Possible

Candide Thovex changes perspectives, again.

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Three-time X-Games Gold Medalist and Freeride World Tour Champion Candide Thovex stuns us once again with the most absurd terrain choices and ski ability. Candide and Audi—in honor of the upcoming Winter Olympics—packed their bags and traveled to what appears to be some of the most iconic and remote areas of the world to ski. No longer skiing just snow, grass and roads, Candide took on water, stone, volcanic ash, sand, earth, and jungle. After watching for only a minute, the first reaction is simply “No Way. How is this real?” Backflips onto ancient stone staircases? A double backflip onto rocky grass? Whether or not all of this is real (or maybe slightly-tweaked by some fantastic filming and editing skills), you can’t deny that Candide is still at the forefront of the ski world, from his own line of Faction Skis to putting down some of the wildest ski lines of this decade.