Candide Thovex Catches Waves on Skis

The French freeskiing phenom takes us behind the scenes of surfing on two planks.
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Chances are, you've seen Candide Thovex ski. His posts on Instagram and Twitter instantly go viral, and his three "One of Those Days" POV edits have collectively been viewed 40 million times on YouTube. 

Last year, Thovex released an epic non-snow skiing video with German automobile company Audi called "Ski the World," in which he does exactly that. It's apparent that the sub-five minute clip took a long time to create, as evidenced by the three behind-the-scenes clips that have since been released.

Candide Thovex's "The Wave"

The latest release, "The Wave," tells a visual story of how the production team captured Thovex riding waves in Basque Country and in Wales at wave parks. The crew used complex mechanical tow-ins, surfboard assisted launches, modified Faction skis and a lot of trial-and-error. Was it a success? Definitely. Watch Thovex's best wave starting at 3:42 in "Ski the World."

See the whole thing: "Ski the World" Redefines Where Skiing is Possible

Perhaps if it were easier to ski on waves, everyone would do it.


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