Chasing AdVANture

One part Chris Benchetler, two parts #VanLife, and a whole lot of stunning GoPro follow cam.
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For the past few years, the GoPro clips created by Matt Cook (a.k.a. SkiChef on Instagram) have stood out in the never-ending stream of POV footage on the internet, in particular, his steady follow-cam shots of pro-skier Chris Benchetler. Already a legend in the ski world, Benchetler is known for his smooth style and revolutionary backwards landings in powder, plus his endless design creativity, embodied by his signature ski, the BentChetler.

The two teamed up together last season and lived out a custom-built van, traveling from powder day to powder day along North America's West Coast, meeting up with other pro skiers, surfers, climbers, snowboarders, and creative people along the way. 

Crack open a cold one, put this up on full screen, and enjoy the freedom that is a great skier, a sharp filmer, and the nomadic life of living out of a van.


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