DPS Cinematic Presents: Stone’s Throw

Dash Longe explores the Wasatch Mountains in DPS’ newest release: Stone’s Throw.
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Dash Longe in the Wasatch Mountains

Known for big tricks, bigger airs, and his quirky sense of humor, Dash Longe explores his home of Salt Lake City, Utah and the nearby Wasatch mountains in DPS Cinematic's newest release, "Stone’s Throw."

The film premiered in Salt Lake City last week to a sold out crowd with a special appearance by Swantourage, the band responsible for the film’s soundtrack. The tickets sold to the event raised over $3,000 for Healthy Environment Alliance of Utah (HEAL Utah).

Premier of Stone's Throw in Salt Lake City, Utah

The sold out premier of Stone's Throw in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Stone’s Throw features Longe getting after some of the gnarliest lines the Wasatch has to offer while the picturesque Salt Lake City can be seen in the background. The film highlights the balance of work and the pull of dreams every skier faces when the newest powder alert hits your phone's notifications.

This video has us yearning for ski season as we watch Longe surf through deep powder and send it off cliffs, showing the signature style and zest of one of the top freeskiers in the world. 

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