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Eric Pollard’s 'Drawn From Here'

The artistically talented skier tells a story from his perspective, but not necessarily in his own words.

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Eric Pollard has one of the most unique perspectives in skiing. Along with fellow pro skiers Pep Fujas, Andy Mahre, Chris Benchetler, and others, Pollard was at the forefront of the style movement that blended park skiing, backcountry skiing, snowboarding, and art together in an entirely new way. This new style movement debuted in the 2007 movie, “Idea,” and continued to flourish in a number of great movies and shorts under the Nimbus Independent title.

In February 2013, however, things changed dramatically when Pollard severely broke his leg. His tibial spiral fracture would be considered a major injury anywhere in the world, but the fact that Pollard violently crashed in the backcountry near Krasnaya Polyana in Russia made matters significantly worse. After a delayed medical evacuation for compartment syndrome, eight surgeries in Germany and three more in the U.S., it was apparent Pollard’s skiing might have to change.

Eric Pollard drawing a woodgrain osprey
Eric Pollard’s artistic style is nearly as recognizable as his style on the ski hill.Photo courtesy of Eric Pollard

But instead of letting his injuries hinder his skiing, Pollard instead changed his equipment and his skiing style, and has continued to stylistically evolve as a skier, a ski and outerwear designer, and as an artist ever since. His new film, “Drawn From Here,” explores his evolution since the bone-breaking crash in Russia. Rather than narrate the film, however, he instead chooses to use quotes from others that define his vision throughout the first half of the movie.

Line Outline Detail
Close-up of Pollard’s artwork on the new Line Outline ski.Photo courtesy of Eric Pollard

Those hungry for his signature turn and pure skiing may want to fast-forward to about 9 minutes into the movie, and those who are sensitive to surgery and wounds should skip the seventh minute completely. The complete package of “Drawn From Here” is a pure look through Pollard’s lens at his evolution over the past seven years and a glimpse of his possible future. 

Eric Pollard’s “Drawn From Here”