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Faction Skis Presents: 100% Raw, Unedited Fun

The brand launches a new web series showcasing footage from the skier’s point of view.
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Well this is new. Point-of-view ski edits certainly aren’t novel—you’ll find thousands on YouTube uploaded by pros and amateurs alike. But Faction's new POV Series is a unique concept, showcasing ridiculously good looking skiing from athletes’ GoPro cams, without touching the raw footage to produce the final edit. That’s right: no music, no fancy effects (except for the occasional slow-mo to mimic viewers who will be holding their breath)—just pure, unedited fun.

The point? Zero waste footage, zero distraction from the skiing. And the ability to take the viewer behind the eyes of such athletes as Duncan Adams, Tim McChesney and Antti Ollila as they cruise through virgin pow and send it off monster cliffs to give you an idea of just how big these guys go.

Shot on location in Golden, B.C., and Chad’s Gap in Utah, the first episode of the series lets us escape the real world for 5 whole minutes and pretend we’re the ones surfing in the backcountry and launching ourselves through the trees.

We’re already looking forward to our next 5-minute escape.

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