Faction POV Series–Episode #2

Ski over the river and through couloirs with Johnny Collinson and Sam Anthamatten.

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In 2018, Faction Skis launched a new web series dedicated to showcasing footage from the skier’s point of view to bring viewers something far more relatable than the average hyper-produced ski flick.

Watch now: Faction Skis Presents—100% Raw, Unedited Fun

In the new POV Series, viewers can see and experience skiing—crazy lines, impressive airs, and behind-the-scenes footage that hasn’t been cut or edited out—from the athlete’s point of view via a helmet cam. Thanks to the raw, unedited footage, we get to pretend that we are the ones skiing over the glaciers of La Grave, France in Episode 2 of the series, instead of just watching Johnny Collinson and Sam Athamatten as a bystander.

So sit tight and enjoy repelling down scary couloirs, traversing over creeks via tyroleans, and skiing puckering lines in La Grave courtesy of Collison and Anthamatten.

Starring: Johnny Collison, Sam Anthamatten
Production: Etienne Mérel, the Faction Collective
Location: La Grave, France