WATCH: Take a Powder Pilgrimage from Utah to B.C. in New Faction Edit

Four Faction athletes take on 1,600 miles of North American wilderness in the third and final episode of the 2021 web series.

Pro skier Tim McChesney is back in front of the lens in Faction’s third and final episode of the company’s 2021 webseries. This time McChesney is joined by shredders in arms Duncan Adams, Blake Wilson, and Alex Hall as the crew hits the road for an epic powder pilgrimage from Utah to B.C. Along the way the Faction team ventures deep into the backcountry on sleds and skis to play on puckering spines and drop marshmallow pillow lines. 

Like every Faction webisode, ‘Utah to BC’ showcases the playful styles of Faction’s finest who share a freestyle pedigree. Watch in wonder as McChesney, Adams, Wilson, and Hall apply their park skills to any and all features nature throws at them.

Watch: “Utah to BC”

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