The FIFTY Episode 22: Mt. Timpanogos, Utah

“The Fifty” returns for another season as Townsend and crew attempt The Cold Fusion Line in Utah.

After a short hiatus due to unstable conditions across much of North America, Cody Townsend is back with “The FIFTY” for another season. Episode 22 for Townsend spurred from a last-minute decision that set the crew on the road to Utah to complete the Cold Fusion Line at Mt. Timpanogos. 

Named after the Timpanogos Ute Tribe who lived in the region, this mountain is the second-highest in the Wasatch with an elevation of 11,749 feet and a vertical ascent/descent of ~4,500 feet. This marks 21 attempts of the 50 lines Townsend plans to climb and ski in this project, based on the book, “50 Classic Ski Descents in North America.

Townsend leads the pack as they approach the summit.
Townsend leads the pack as they approach the summit.Photo credit: Bjarne Salén

“Don’t call it a couloir, it’s like an avalanche chute more than anything,” Townsend comments, staring at the vast mountain they still have to conquer.

Townsend is joined once again by fellow Salomon teammate Drew Peterson, filmer Bjarne Salén, and newcomer Mali Noyes, a former nordic ski competitor who also happens to be a Freeride World Qualifier champion.

“Never let the cross country skier set the pace on the skin track,” jokes an out of breath Townsend as Noyes barrels ahead of the crew.

With blue skies and unusually stable avalanche conditions, the crew sets off early in the morning with some difficulty. This episode features the crew completing an extended column test to confirm the stable conditions, giving the audience insight into how these professional skiers plan and safely navigate in the backcountry. Once completing a grueling hike, they were greeted with low coverage conditions and plenty of rocks. After taking a few rocks to the skis, the crew managed to find some powder and show off the signature skiing we have come to expect from “The Fifty”.

Watch: The Fifty Episode 22 – Mt. Timpanogos

Tune in every two weeks to follow Townsend as he attempts to ski 50 Classic Lines in North America. You can also follow along with the project via Instagram