Fire on The Mountain

A visual journey blending action sports, art, and music into a film inspired by the Grateful Dead’s improvisational tapestry.

Calling all dead heads: Teton Gravity Research’s latest film inspired by the Grateful Dead is finally here. In true dead fashion, “Fire on the Mountain” is an improvisation of a spontaneous journey as athletes effortlessly surf through waves and snow to the soundtrack of the Grateful Dead. This eccentric collaboration features skiers Michelle Parker and Chris Benchetler, snowboarders Jeremy Jones, Kimmy Gasani, and Danny Davis, along with surfing icon Rob Machado. 

The crew of 'Fire on The Mountain' in light suits.
The crew is getting lit. Photo Credit: Blatt Photo

The Grateful Dead once said, “Make your weird light shine bright so the other weirdos know where to find you.” The crew did just that as they don light suits and descend Mammoth Mountain, which becomes a psychedelic dream state with some of the most captivating footage we have seen from a ski movie. As the athletes weave their way through powdery trees and epic terrain with The Grateful Dead jamming in the background, it feels as if we were transported to one of the legendary Grateful Dead shows.

Chris Benchetler night skiing
Chris Benchetler goes huge! Photo Credit: Peter Morning

The film starts in the Californian mountains before the cast travels through the remote waters of Svalbard before finishing off in Mammoth Mountain and surfing in Indonesia. According to Bill Walton, a Hall of Fame NBA player and notorious deadhead, “This project is one of the coolest things that I have ever been involved with, and it validates my criteria for why I do things—people, passion, and purpose. I live on the edge, and beyond. ‘Fire On The Mountain’ takes this notion to incalculable heights and spectacular places.”

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Fire On The Mountain Soundtrack Tracklist:

  1. Brown Eyed Woman (Live) – From Europe ‘72
  2. The Other One (Live) – From Europe ’72 Vol. 2
  3. New Speedway Boogie – From Workingman’s Dead
  4. Dark Star (Edit) – From Steppin’ Out With The Grateful Dead: England ‘72
  5. Playing In The Band (Live) – From Europe ’72 Vol. 2
  6. Fire On The Mountain (Live) – From Cornell 5/8/77
  7. Ripple – From American Beauty

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