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"Fishing for Lines in Alaska" with McKenna Peterson

The pro skier—and captain of a salmon fishing boat—snagged some trophy lines in Haines last spring.

Sun Valley-based professional skier McKenna Peterson—who appeared on the cover of SKI Magazine’s December 2019 print edition—is also the captain of the FV Atlantis fishing boat. In other words, Peterson spends her summers catching salmon in the waters of the Pacific Northwest, and her winters skiing pillow lines and spines in Idaho, Alaska, and beyond.

McKenna Peterson skiing in AK
Peterson catching a big one in Haines.Photo courtesy of SCOTT Sports

Her new video, produced with SCOTT Sports and SEABA Heli-Skiing, incorporates both elements of her life in a dreamy way. Filmed entirely on location in Haines, Alaska, it’s clear that both the fish and the spines of Haines should be scared of this talented skipper and skier (once that boat gets fixed, of course).

From Peterson and SCOTT Sports: “Alaska in the spring is always a gamble. The weather, the snowpack and the crew all need to perfectly align in order to get what has been sought after— a piece of some of the steepest, deepest, most incredible skiing on the planet. As a commercial fisherman by trade, McKenna is used to this gamble. Sometimes you catch the fish, sometimes you do not, but you must always show up and try.”

WATCH: “Fishing for Lines in Alaska” with McKenna Peterson