Level 1's Water World

Skiers take pond skim skiing to the next level in Switzerland.

Springtime is full of mixed emotions for skiers. Starting in April, the base depth of snow at ski areas across North America are as deep as it gets, but everyone seems to want to get out their bikes, boats, or golf clubs, put some storage wax on their planks (hint, hint) and call it good.

Ski areas, knowing that interests change with the weather, close for the season despite the incredible quality of snow. But before heading to greener pastures, most ski areas take advantage of the ample snow and spring vibes, with some resorts hosting pond skim parties, and others inviting professional park skiers to film for the following year’s ski movies.

Level 1 took advantage of both opportunities last season at Gran Masta Park in Adelboden, Switzerland. The team was able to create incredibly unique water features that led to some of the most creative skiing on film we’ve seen in a while. 

As the brave souls who have entered pond skims on modern, wide skis might tell you, it’s really not that difficult to ski across water. But add in spins, flips, water taps, and rail slides, and you get something that most skiers shouldn’t try on their home mountains. Instead, they should enjoy watching pro skiers Sämi Ortlieb, Laurent De Martin, Andrin Tgetgel, and Marcel Brünisholz do their thing (while getting just a little wet in the process).

Level 1’s Water World

  • Athletes: Sämi Ortlieb, Laurent De Martin, Andrin Tgetgel, and Marcel Brünisholz
  • Filmed on location at Gran Masta Park, Adelboden, Switzerland
  • This segment originally appeared in Level 1’s Zig Zag.