Lynsey Dyer’s Secret to Building Confidence

She slays at just about everything, but her confidence isn’t a gift—it’s earned.
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Lynsey Dyer has cemented her place as one of the top athletes in the world of big mountain skiing, thanks in part to laying down huge, intimidating lines in popular ski films over the past decade. She’s known in the adventure sports’ sphere as a fearless leader—both on and off the mountain—and inspires others with her unwavering confidence. Where does that confidence come from? In World of Adventure’s new series featuring awesome female athletes, Lynsey explains it’s all about showing up.  


Lynsey Dyer in Kashmir

What's Lynsey Dyer Up To?

Lynsey Dyer always has multiple irons on the fire. She told us about touring in Chile and Kashmir, why she's back with Rossignol, and how she mixes art with skiing.