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FULL FILM: The Mountains are Calling

Follow Dane Tudor and Simon Hillis in their search for endless powder in British Columbia.

“The mountains flow in our veins, the attraction to different types of terrain and snow conditions is a constant and inexplicable draw, a balance between risk and reward,” said Dane Tudor in his new film “The Mountains are Calling”.

Dane Tudor in the film
Tudor going huge in the B.C. backcountry in “The Mountains are Calling”.Courtesy of Shred House Productions

Tudor made a name for himself filming with Poor Boyz Productions before suffering a season-ending hip injury in the Revelstoke backcountry in 2013. He returned to film in 2014 working with Teton Gravity Research and went on to land the world’s first backcountry switch triple cork 1260. Since then, the SCOTT Sports athlete has focused on big mountain skiing while creating films with TGR and Stellar Media.

Dane Tudor and Simon Hillis traverse in the film
Tudor and Hillis traversing through Central Kootenay. Courtesy of Shred House Productions

With all the film experience under his belt, Tudor created, designed, and directed his first film, “The Mountains are Calling,” based on his passion for the mountains. He is joined by Simon Hillis, an up-and-coming skier who was featured in Warren Miller’s “Face of Winter.” The two grew up skiing Red Mountain in B.C. 

As a kid, Hillis can remember watching Dane in the movies and skiing around Red Mountain and comments, “Being able to ski together is a dream come true.”

Tudor and Hillis spent six weeks on the road in Tudor’s custom expedition trailer in search for pow. The film follows them getting face shots through seemingly endless powder from pillow fields to wide-open bowls and everything in between in the picturesque mountains of Central Kootenay, B.C.

With smooth lines through spicy terrain, and a few heart-wrenching moments, this film truly captures the passion Tudor has for the mountains.

The Mountains Are Calling

Learn more about the film on SCOTT Wintersport’s website.