Mystery Ranch Presents: FACETS

Deep in the mountains of Alaska, one crew walks a thin line between safety and sending.

Mystery Ranch sent their Sales Manager Ben Nobel along with ambassadors Carston Oliver and Eric Balken on a ski trip to Alaska where they were met with unfavorable conditions and an impending storm. Opting on the side of safety, the crew bunkered down in their tent waiting for the storm to pass.

After a few days of adverse weather and missed attempts, they finally get a good weather window to shred the infamous Alaskan lines. However, when Eric Balkin triggered part of a cornice they are reminded of the dangers they are constantly facing in the wild Alaskan mountains. “You can do a lot of things right. You can manage the snowpack, you can manage the weather to the best of your ability but avalanches can happen and you need to be prepared,” says Nobel.

With safety on everyone’s mind, the crew manages to find some stable conditions to shred. Amongst fresh snow, huge lines, and excitement to go around, the edit follows them through some of the most beautiful and gnarly lines Alaska has to offer.

According to Balkin, “Part of growing as a skier is not just learning how to manage conditions in the mountain but learning how to manage your own mindset and I think it’s a process of personal growth, knowing when to go for it and when to reel it in.”

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