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Nikolai Schirmer's Endless Winter Episode 3

The Norwegian pro skier presents the final episode in his climate conscious web series.
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It is no secret that skiing, especially when it involves traveling to places far from home, takes a toll on the environment. Earlier this year, Nikolai Schirmer, the former lawyer turned filmmaker and professional skier, tackled this issue head-on by starting his quest to reduce his carbon footprint. In 2019, Schirmer made it a goal for himself to cut down his carbon emissions by two-thirds. This journey has come to an end with the release of the final chapter of his series “Endless Winter.

When Schirmer first started tracking his carbon emissions, he produced an average of 40 tons of carbon dioxide a year. After changing how and where he was traveling, he managed to reduce his carbon emissions to 12 tons. The native-Norwegian achieved this by skiing close to home, traveling via a van that runs on biofuel, and becoming vegetarian.

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The final episode of the series ends with Schirmer and his team’s travels in Lyngen, Norway. During this final episode—and the entire season—Schirmer actively challenges his and our ideas of what it means to be a professional skier.

“I’ve been telling myself that I had to fit this mold of what I thought a pro skier was, and I guess this proves that I was wrong,” says Schirmer in the final episode. “That I just hadn’t explored alternatives to flying all around the world, jumping in helis at every opportunity to do my job well.”

While not everyone has access to this type of terrain so close to home, the episode does send a message to all of us to take the time and effort to reduce our carbon footprint and help keep the mountains we love healthy. 

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