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Originate with Michelle Parker Season 2: Tahoe

The latest season of Michelle Parker's “Originate” starts off in her old stomping grounds: Tahoe

Michelle Parker kicks off her latest season of her web series, “Originate,” in her home of Tahoe, Calif. The Northern California-native got her start in Tahoe and in this episode she reminisces about her time spent there, the glory days of freeskiing in Tahoe, and what it feels like to come back to her professional skiing roots. 

“There is something to be said for adventure and seeing new places and traveling around and seeing new mountain ranges,” says Parker in the episode. “What I appreciate the most is the time that I get to spend at home.”

Parker revisits some of her favorite lines in Tahoe’s backcountry along with pro snowboarders Brock Crouch, Red Gerrard, and Danny Davis. The episode not only showcases playful skiing and riding in some of Tahoe’s most breathtaking zones, but also dives deeper into the meaning of this trip for Crouch, who was caught up in an avalanche while snowboarding in Whistler Blackcomb, B.C., over a year ago that left him severely injured.

“I slid 1500-to-1800 feet. I was buried for I think four-to-six minutes, or maybe seven minutes, I don’t really know,” says Brock in the episode. “I ended up breaking my back in three spots and they helied me out of there to the hospital for a couple of days and I feel like that was one of the biggest wake-up calls I have ever had in my entire life. I can’t believe it’s already been almost a year and a half.”

The season-opener of “Originate” highlights what it takes even for professional athletes to get back on the horse after injury and accidents, and how community and friendship is an integral part of playing outdoors. 

“Having Michelle help me through that line was probably one of the most special things I could have ever asked for,” says Brock. “A lot of people don’t know what I went and there was some serious PTSD going on up there.”

The episode manages to combine Parker’s return to Tahoe with Crouch’s comeback alongside stoke-worthy skiing and snowboarding shots we all love, giving us a new appreciation of Tahoe.

 “Originate” with Michelle Parker Season Two Episode One: Tahoe