Originate with Michelle Parker: Next Generation

Parker and longtime ski buddy Mark Abma unravel the mystery of skiing in Japan.
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If you scroll through skiing channels on Instagram and the rest of social media during the winter—or anytime during the year, really—it’s hard not to be inundated with pow porn from Japan. And yet, when Michelle Parker and Mark Abma arrive in Myoko Kogen for some early-season powder plundering, they find a well-maintained but largely deserted ski town. It’s not that they’re complaining—the duo has the time of their lives surfing Japan’s signature wide open, perfectly spaced tree lines. But it does leave them wondering, where is everybody? 

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“We’re not really too sure what’s going on, because the skiing there is all-time,” Abma says in the episode. This leaves Parker and Abma to explore various ski resorts around Japan to understand why, as the popularity of skiing in Japan is definitely increasing among the western world, the sport is seemingly decreasing in popularity among Japan’s own population. Follow along as the two unravel this mystery in Episode 3 of Red Bull’s Originate series.