Michelle Parker has released the action edit for a new season of her web series, "Originate." The second season will differ from its predecessor as it follows Parker not only in her skiing adventures but through all her outdoor passions.

“In Season Two of 'Originate' we dove into a few different avenues of my life and passions outdoors,” Parker tells SKI. “We will have a total of four ski episodes, one climbing episode, and one mountain biking episode. The episodes are all story-based and dive a bit deeper than your typical ski edit.”

The action edit released earlier this week already has us on the edge of our seats waiting for the full release of Season Two, which is set to drop Nov. 11th on Red Bull TV. The action edit shows the highlights from Lake Tahoe, Jackson Hole, and Alaska. Parker says that in addition to the new passions being showcased, she also provides the viewer with more insight into her personal life.

“Each one of these episodes dives a little deeper into personal relationships,” says Parker.

Along with her ski adventures, Parker says that the best part of filming this upcoming season was branching out and working with snowboarders, bikers, and climbers.

Parker says, “It was insanely fun to push myself in these different areas and expand my mind to these other action sports that I love!” 

Originate with Michelle Paker: Season 2 Action Edit

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