Originate with Michelle Parker: Skiing is Dead

Michelle Parker, Chris Benchetler, and Co. take night skiing to a whole new level.

Michelle Parker takes us behind the scenes of skier and artist Chris Benchetler’s film “Fire on the Mountain” in episode five of the second season of “Originate.” Parker joins Kimmy Fasani, Jeremy Jones, Rob Machado, and Danny Davis on Mammoth Mountain, Calif. to shoot for Benchetler’s upcoming film. The film draws inspiration from and collaborates with the Grateful Dead, and Benchetler has previously worked with the legendary brand in a partnership with Atomic to create Grateful Dead-inspired skis. 

In the episode, Parker, Benchetler, and the crew battle 130 MPH winds, heavy snow and freezing temperatures in order to create beautiful shots of the skiers and snowboarders riding down a colorfully lit mountain. The athletes are decked out in light-covered outfits that illuminate each of them as they head down the slopes. 

“Fire on the Mountain” is set to release December 13, 2019 and combines the worlds of skiing, snowboarding, surfing, and music. 

“Originate” with Michelle Parker Season 2: Skiing is Dead