Originate with Michelle Parker: Accessing Evolution

Parker teams up with a slew of other pro skiers to talk snowmobiles, snowcats, and ski B.C. Coast Range lines.

There is a whole lot of snowmobiling in professional big mountain skiing. It seems the further north you are in North America, the more likely “sleds” are necessary to access the gnar, so to speak. Michelle Parker explores this concept on a sled trip to British Columbia’s Coast Range, along with fellow skiers Cody Townsend, Mark Abma, and Elyse Saugstad.

“I have really mixed emotions about using mechanized ways to access mountains,” Parker says at 1:12 in the video. “I’ve always struggled with that balance of wanting to lesson my carbon footprint, but also continuing to do my job in the best way that I can do it.” She’s not alone in her carbon footprint struggles, and we have a feeling Parker, along with plenty of other pro snowsports athletes, are going to find ways to minimize that impact in the future. Until then, the skiing is still super fun to watch.