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Real Skifi Summer 2017

Three skiers from Finland get ready for the ski season by skiing everywhere they can, without a single snowflake in sight. Clever lads.
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While many of us in the Northern Hemisphere are starting to think about joining fitness classes, going on training runs, and even contemplating tuning our skis to get ready for winter, the Real Skifi crew is gearing up for the ski season by, well, skiing. Using homemade ramps, skateboards, ducktape, and pretty much anything else that inspired them, these Finnish skiers put together a fired-up episode that doesn't include a single snowflake.

Real Skifi is composed of skiers Juho Kilkki, Ilkka Hannula and Verneri Hannula, who are out to test the limits of what skiing is—in as many ways a possible. So, while you're sitting at your desk and daydreaming about winter, remember that there's always a way to take the edge off of waiting for opening day by skiing down something.

This episode was directed by Janne Korpela, and filmed by Janne Korpela and Anton Geier.

real skifi summer 2017 juho swimming

Not a place you'd expect to see ski boots. Photo courtesy of Real Skifi


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