Big Mountain Skiers

"Return of the Turn" Episode 2: Groomers

"If you can't arc a turn, you're not going to impress me."

Marcus Caston teamed up with World Cup Ski Racer Robby Kelley and NCAA All-American Alpine skier Claire Brown to rip groomers at Snowbird, Utah, for the camera. That’s it. No big airs, no flips, no spins, just fast turns on freshly groomed runs. And you know what? It’s awesome.

Groomers are the focus for Episode 2 of “Return of the Turn,” a four-part series from Caston and Blizzard Skis paying homage to those who keep their skis on the snow and have more fun than everyone else. Make sure you watch Marcus shred bumps with Jonny Moseley at Squaw Valley in Return of the Turn Episode 1: Moguls.