“Return of the Turn” Episode 8: Swiss Vacation

In the Swiss Alps, there's more than one way to ski down a mountain.
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For Episode 8 of “Return of the Turn," Marcus Caston is joined by professional skiers Johan Jonsson and Connery Lundin in Engelberg, Switzerland to take on the Alps. After a bit of lighthearted exploring, eating, and drinking from Caston and Lundin, Jonsson shows the two pros around the mountains where he lives. Each member of the trio rip down the slopes with their own style as they show there is no one way to ski.

Connery Lundin and Marcus Caston drinking beer and eating fondue in Switzerland

Lundin and Caston definitely enjoyed their time in Switzerland

“We are all here on the same mountain but every skier is laying their turns down the slope in different ways,” says Jonsson in the episode. “There are infinite possibilities to ski that rock. I guess that's the beauty of skiing. You can do it however you want."

The different ways each skier can tackle the same terrain is the focus of Episode 8 of “Return of the Turn.” The three pros discuss the influence that watching each other ski the same slope differently has on their own individual ski style. 

The series as a whole follows Marcus Caston as he gets back to the roots of old school skiing. “Return of the Turn” emphasizes the importance of technical skills and turning, somewhat reminiscent of a traditional style of skiing shown in early ski films.

“Return of the Turn” Episode 8: Swiss Vacation

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