Salomon TV: "Fountain of Youth"

When your official pro skier nickname is "The Godfather," what do you do to stay forever young? Mike Douglas tries to find that magic elixir in Japan.

Mike Douglas has been a legend in the freeski world longer than most modern park skiers have been alive. As he gets deeper into his 40s every year, he can't help but wonder, much like the rest of us, how long he can keep stomping his signature D-Spin and massive laid-out backflips.

For the season opener of the Salomon TV 2017 Fall/Winter Season, Douglas joins fellow Salomon pro athletes Alexi Godbout and Stan Rey for a trip to Japan. His goal is to research the secrets of longevity in the East Asian nation, as well as try to find the bottom of the deepest powder of the world. Does he find the Japanese fountain of youth in an onsen? Hard to say, but he does dig some deep snow trenches with his skis trying to find out.

Watch the trailer for Salomon TV's 2017 Fall/Winter season here.


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